Journal 11: November 14, 2008

This week, I’ve lost all motivation to post in my blog or to even look at it. I’ve had a frustrating week on a variety of levels, and in many ways, I want to use that to give me inspiration for my blog. However, I just can’t get myself to do it. In fact, it took everything I had just to get motivated enough to write in my journal about how unmotivated I am.

This is an interesting state for me because as a teacher, I get so frustrated with my students when they aren’t motivated to do assignments. I guess a secret part of me wants them to be like me–someone who is very conscientious (aka obsessive) about my grades. I’ve always been an A student (I got two B+ grades in my undergrad work; everything else was an A or A-), and sometimes, I have to accept the fact that not everyone else is or even wants to be that way. In my mind, I know this, but sometimes that crazy part of me takes over a little bit.

Anyway, as I sit here personally feeling unmotivated, it makes me feel like I really need to be more understanding of my students who are. That doesn’t mean that I excuse it (because I do always find it in me to get the work done), but perhaps if I’m more understanding of it and I’m willing to acknowledge it with them, then they might be willing to meet me halfway.


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