Journal 03: October 16, 2008

Tonight, I decided to work on my blog some more, and since I wasn’t terribly successful last time with the RSS stuff, I thought it would be a good idea to look at some example blogs to get ideas. After all, this is what I always encourage my students to do–whether it’s in English or yearbook. I’m always asking them to look at sample work from students or professionals and to be inspired. Tonight, however, that didn’t really help me a whole lot.

The blogs I looked at weren’t anything special. They didn’t do anything different from mine, so that’s a little frustrating. I feel like I need to go buy a book or something and do my research the old fashioned way. I did, however, manage to post my third blog entry, and I also added a couple of links related to my entries. That was fun, and I feel like I’m beginning to personalize it a little.

I still feel quite in the dark about all this. At least I’m fortunate to know how to search for information, though. When my students are confused, a lot of them don’t have any idea how to find answers or attack problems. I want to work on teaching them these skills, and I’m hoping that I get insight through this experience to help them appropriately.


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