Journal 06: October 26, 2008

I’ve been thinking all day about new things to add to my blog. I’ve experienced writer’s block all week, and it’s been pretty frustrating, but I finally think I’m at the end of it.

I’ve been spending time with my thirty-year-old girlfriends who have different desires than I do regarding their life’s path, so I think I might write about that. Also, I’ve been thinking of researching what other people say about turning thirty and using that as inspiration for my blog posts.

Either way, I think I’ll be able to add something tomorrow night (I’ve spent all of today doing grades, which are due tomorrow).

I know how my students must feel when they get writer’s block and can’t think of any new ideas. I’m trying to pay attention to my process of breaking writer’s block so that I can bestow some of my first-hand wisdom upon them sometime. The only bad thing is that I don’t know if I really have a process. I just think a lot. I wonder if my students think as much as I do–I doubt it. I think that comes with more life experience and maturity.

At any rate, I’m getting excited to add my new blog post. I just don’t have time this evening to do it.


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