Journal 07: November 1, 2008

Today, I was finally able to write again after about twelve days of thinking about my angle. I also have spent some time doing research regarding how to publicize my blog.

In terms of writing, it felt really good to finally get something new down. What I’m learning is that, as I get more involved with the writing process, it’s really helping me process a lot of thoughts that I have in my head about various topics. This is something I really would like to express to my students. I know that they don’t like to write, and maybe it’s because of how we approach writing–more like a product rather than a process. A lot of this has to do with testing and the pressures of making sure kids know how to write a persuasive essay, a narrative essay, a response to literature, or a business letter. But what we don’t deal with are the ideas of people like Nancy Atwell, who see writing as an ongoing process–and even center their Language Arts classroom around it. I have really been able to get in touch with that type of writing even after the short amount of time I have been blogging. I want to investigate how to instill this attitude into my students.

In regards to publishing my blog, it has made me really aware of how important a real audience is. When I started blogging, I didn’t really care if anyone saw it or not. Now I feel like I want others to read it. I want to know that I’m writing for someone–not just writing something that will chill in cyberspace for the next ten years. This makes me realize that I need to look for ways to get my students’ work published–to get a real audience for them. I have a feeling that it will make them take their work more seriously if they know that other people could actually read it. This makes me take my work more seriously. When I’m writing each post, I tweak and tweak because I know that if someone reads it, I want it to be good. If I were just writing in a journal or something that I knew only I would read, then I wouldn’t care.

I am finding this process so valuable in terms of self-reflection. It gives me a lot of ideas as to where I want to go with my writing instruction.


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