Journal 08: November 2, 2008

Today I was hunting for some answers regarding how to get people to read my blog. I decided to visit the wordpress forums to get some feedback, and in there, the advice was to interact with the wordpress community through forums, which would perhaps spur traffic.

I started casually posting to the forums, trying to start conversations with people and to be a part of the community in hopes that it will generate traffic to my blog.

It’s kind of a strange experience. In many ways I feel like I’m the “new kid” because it seems like a lot of people in the forums have been posting there for a while and are sort of the regulars. I’m not sure if they will accept me and interact. I have these weird feelings of insecurity, just like a new student might have. Because I’ve never had the feeling of being the “new kid in school,” I don’t know how well I’ve been able to identify with the new student experience.

This experience tells me that I do my part to reach out to new students in my classes (which I do), but I can also think of ways to really make sure those new students feel integrated into the culture of the classroom as quickly as possible.


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