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ThirtyGirl Lesson #1

If I’ve noticed one major difference in myself since I’ve turned thirty, it’s this: I’m completely less judgmental than I used to be. I’ll admit it. I used to look at people who didn’t share my life’s plan or my world views with a certain level of disdain, but I’ve noticed that now I just kind of have a “What the hell” attitude about everything.

Case in point: My best friend from elementary school just facebooked me the other day, and I haven’t seen her since our senior year in high school when she left early because she got pregnant and had a baby. If this contact had happened just one short month ago (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little), I can see myself getting really freaked out about her life choices and feeling like we have absolutely nothing in common. In fact, I may have put my BlackBerry back into my black Coach bag and forgotten her message in cyberspace. But I didn’t. In fact, I celebrated the fact that she is one strong chick. She’s a single working mom of two boys and has survived an abusive relationship. That’s definitely something to be proud of. In fact, I think she’s one of my new heroes.

So far, my six week tenure in the thirties has taught me one very important lesson–there’s way more to life than carrying a Coach purse.


Never Too Old for BFFs

The thing about 30 is that time is of the essence. No, I’m not so dramatic that I feel I have one foot in the grave; what I mean is that time is of the essence because there’s so little of it in the day. When I was in my early 20s, I had all kinds of time. I could go out with my husband and my girlfriends, read three chapters of my favorite book, fold laundry, and still have a few hours left to waste my time with trash TV.

Now I have so little time that I forget basic life skills like eating my lunch at work, so when I have the rare opportunity to hang out with three of my long-time girlfriends (we’ve been through junior high and high school together), I usually jump at the chance.

Last night was one of our wild GNOs (now that we’reall 30, wild means home and in bed before midnight), and from Tami’s spontaneous and uncurable frog in the throat to Jessica’s heart-wrenching confession that her stepmom has cancer, it was comforting to reconnect to my younger self–even if for only a few hours, and it made me realize that no matter how old we get, we’re never too old to have BFFs.