Journal 09: November 6, 2008

Tonight I tried to break out of my comfort zone. Instead of posting in the forums, I decided to search people’s blogs and actually comment on them. I’m still trying to encourage more traffic to my blog and build an audience.

It’s a weirdly nerve-wracking experience commenting on someone else’s blog. It feels very uncomfortable writing something to a person I don’t even know, and in my case, I have this strange fear of rejection.

It must be like this with some students too. It must be hard for the ones with low self-confidence to actually reach out to other students and/or the teacher. However, it is a necessary risk. We can’t grow if we aren’t willing to jump out of our comfort zones once in a while. That is something I would love to instill in my students. My kids have so much anxiety related to taking risks and making themselves vulnerable, and I get it. I was like that in high school too; I just wish I could find a way to help them work on that.


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